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Monday 17 of June 2024

Debt between criminals, origin of the murder of 2 Canadians in the Xcaret hotel: FGE Quintana Roo


The Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office confirmed the arrest of the Mexican Cristian “R”, and the Canadian Nhu “T” for their alleged participation in the murder of 2 tourists from Canada at the Xcaret hotel.

Oscar Montes de Oca, state attorney general, explained that a criminal group from Mexico City hired hitmen – headed by the now detained Cristian -, who traveled to Quintana Roo on January 16 to carry out the murders, caused by a debt between criminals.

Their job was to assassinate Robert D., who came to the state with nine other people to vacation, so they kept him under surveillance, from what they could see that in those days there were many security guards at the hotel, in addition to the police presence; so they gave up their attack for a few days.

It was on Friday, January 21, one day before Robert D.’s return to Canada, when the person detained today went to look for the person who shot at the tourists at the airport and took him to the hotel, where they entered with bracelets, since they had purchased a “Day Pass”.

On the day of the events, Cristian was waiting for the murderer in a car, parked at the entrance to the hotel, and after the assassin shot his victims, he ran to this vehicle, took off the clothes he was wearing and entered the trunk, both thus fled.

Based on the investigations carried out, profiles provided by Interpol and camera surveillance, they were able to discover these details.

As for the Canadian Nhu “T”, she was part of the group of 10 people (seven adults and three children) who arrived on vacation. Some 40 minutes before the armed attack, she met the gunman, with whom she spoke for three minutes.

“From what follows that there was a planning and a division of tasks,” commented the prosecutor, noting that they have already prepared a breakdown for the Attorney General of the Republic, who will have to investigate this criminal network.

“The attack derives from an economic debt due to the transnational illicit activities carried out by the victims,” commented the prosecutor, who indicated that therefore he escapes the borders of Quintana Roo.

The two detainees are currently in preventive detention, while the link to the process is generated.

In view of what happened, the prosecutor estimated that there will be a subsequent coordination to redesign the security protocols in the hotels, as well as the reaction strategies of the authorities.