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Wednesday 17 of April 2024

Who will win Super Bowl LIV?

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The 2020 Super Bowl is just around the corner. In fact, the next installment of the world’s most-watched sporting showpieces will take place on February 2nd at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Yes, it really is that soon, so we figured we’d take a quick look at the teams that are in with a chance of winning the NFL’s most coveted prize.

Baltimore Ravens

Can the Ravens do it in Miami?

Did you know that the Ravens are on a current winning streak of nine games? That’s an incredible run of form that has seen bookmakers pick them as the favorites to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy in February.

During that run they have beaten the Seahawks, the Patriots and the Rams, each of whom could be legitimately considered contenders for the Super Bowl.

Next up, they face the New York Jets who, true to form, have lost more than they’ve won this season.

There’s no doubt that the Ravens will make the playoffs and, having taken on and beaten some of the best teams in the AFC already, their confidence will be sky high.

New England Patriots

Despite the odds saying otherwise the Patriots, in many fans’ eyes, are the clear favorites, having won an incredible three of the last five Super Bowls.

Then there’s also the matter of a certain Tom Brady, who has the most Super Bowls wins of any player. This makes New England one of the safest bets in the NFL to, at the very least, make the Super Bowl. And should they make it to the showdown in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, then Brady as the MVP could be a sure thing.

The only problem is that the team seemed to lose its way in recent weeks. Losing is becoming an unfamiliar habit and one that they need to break if they stand any chance of winning a record 7th Super Bowl. Other teams have seen that they seemingly invincible Patriots can be beaten.

We still think they’ll do it though, as they have come back from poor runs of form in the past.  

Seattle Seahawks

The team that was touted in the preseason as the one that would make it all the way isn’t looking too good at the moment.

Yes, they have won ten out of 13 games, but they’re lacking that something that they had back in 2014 and again in 2015. Their defense isn’t doing very well and ranks 22nd for yards which, let’s face it, is less than inspiring.

There’s always a chance though, particularly with Russell Wilson as your quarterback.

If we were to choose an outside bet that we’re looking for good odds on, then the Seahawks would probably give you the best return on your money. That’s if they win though.

San Francisco 49ers

This could be the 49ers’ best chance to equal the current record of 6 Super Bowl wins held by the Patriots and the Steelers.

Jimmy Garoppolo is enjoying his new lease of life since leaving the Patriots and is now the most valuable player in the squad. Coach Kyle Shanahan has worked his magic to take this team to new heights, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them in Miami come February.

They keep picking up wins and doing so in every way possible. They have dominated teams, ground out marginal wins and done everything in between. Regardless of the fact that they may lose home advantage in the playoffs, this team have the talent and the grit to go all the way.

New Orleans Saints

Ten wins and three losses might not be championship winning form, but it’s pretty close. One of those losses was the epic 48-46 loss against the 49ers, which proved how this team can cope with anything. Of course, they lost that match, but on another day they would have ended up winners, such was the competitiveness of the game.

Some might laugh at the prospect of the Saints making it anywhere near the Super Bowl, but they really could do it. They have a dangerous offense and when Drew Brees and Michael Thomas connect, it’s poetry in motion.

The Seahawks might be a good outside bet, but we guarantee you’ll get greater odds on the Saints just to make the Super Bowl, never mind win it.

So there you have it, five teams that are all in with a decent chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Allegiances aside, who do you want to win it? Although it would be nice to see the Patriots break the record or the 49ers equal it, we’re going for the New Orleans Saints just for the pure pleasure of seeing an unfancied team lift the trophy.