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  • La Volpe Secure at América

  • The rumors are over and Ricardo Pelález announces how much longer he will be in the team

, photo: Cuatroscuro/Isaac Esquivel

08 of December 2016 14:41:22

Ricardo Peláez, sports president of Club América, confirmed that current coach Ricardo La Volpe will continue to lead the team for a minimum of six months more, ending rumors of La Volpe’s possible exit.The director of the Eagles said that the decision is that the Argentinian strategist and his technical backroom staff will complete their contract until June. “Regarding the speculation of him staying or going, he’s staying and that’s official.”Palaéz said that they are very happy with the work of La Volpe and that his safety has nothing to do with the results in the FIFA Club World Cup or the final of the Liga MX against Tigres.The former player took the opportunity to clarify the situation of some players and said that Rubens Sambueza will also continue to be an América player despite interest from other clubs. He said that potential transfers will be announced at the end of the season.América will debut at the FIFA Club World Cup early on Sunday morning against the South Korean outfit, Jeonbuk, and if they are victorious, will then face Real Madrid.


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