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Tuesday 21 of May 2024

Bets for the winner of Euro 2021

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The Euros has so far thrown up some surprises – with France being knocked out early on by Switzerland, and a plethora of teams finishing third-place in the group stages progressing to the quarters.

This has made the tournament very lucrative for those that have picked out some of the upsets in advance. Bono Ganabet helps find sign up bonuses to get an extra edge, too, as we take a look at some of the best value bets for the remaining Euro games.

Straight Forecast

If you believe England are going to win the tournament, the current odds aren’t great at 6/4. It’s understandable due to the great form, but to bump up these odds, a straight forecast of 1st England/2nd Italy is 11/4 – a good bet considering Italy are strong favourites to beat Spain in the semi-final. It’s also important to bear in mind that England is at home in Wembley for the two remaining games – a massive advantage.

Alternatively, 1st Italy/2nd England isn’t a bad bet either. England & Italy are roughly evens to be the two finalists, so a straight forecast arguably offers better value. If you believe Denmark can get the better of England, then 1st Italy/2nd Denmark is 15/2.

Top Goalscorer

Patrik Schick and Christiano Ronaldo are tied for the golden boot currently at 5 goals each. These remain the two favourites, however, both Czech Republic and Portugal are knocked out. Harry Kane, who is currently on 3 goals, remains in the tournament playing for England – the current favourites to outright win the tournament. 

Despite a slow start to the Euros, Harry Kane is exceptionally hungry to excel in international football and has stated his intentions to win the Euros Golden Boot. Kane is 7/2 odds to get top goal scorer. Most bookies will divide the winnings by the number of players tied (3) if Kane ends up on 5 goals.

Highest Scoring Team

Spain is the current highest-scoring team, with a total of 12 goals so far – 10 of which were scored in only two games. Whilst Italy has a strong defence, they conceded goals in their last two games against Austria and Belgium. 

This is why Spain is 4/7 favourites. However, Italy is only one goal behind, meaning they can’t technically lose this bet if they defeat Spain (before going to penalties). Denmark and England are likely too far away to catch either of these teams, so it means this bet should be placed on who is favourite to win the semi-final. 

Italy are slight favourites to win the game, making their 8/5 odds for the highest-scoring team a very good bet. However, those confident for a Spain win should steer clear of this bet, as Spain’s 4/7 odds are too short.

Euros 2021 have proved that international football has a lot of luck, fine margins, and unpredictability built into the game – much more so than club football. For this reason, picking favourites with short odds can be a mistake, and instead, we should look to pick out the inevitable upsets.