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Friday 24 of May 2024

Return to face-to-face classes in August in CDMX, reports SEP


The Secretary of Public Education, Delfina Gómez, reported that the return to face-to-face classes in Mexico City is being contemplated as of next August.

I specify that by that date, when the next school year begins, the 2.6 million students of the three educational levels are expected to return to the classrooms, after more than a year of absence due to the SARS virus pandemic. -CoV-2.

However, the head of the SEP said that the project of returning to face-to-face classes in the classrooms is being analyzed, so that it is safe and gradual and does not put the health of the students and staff working in the school at risk. magisterium.

For this, added Delfina Gómez, it is planned to carry out a diagnostic exercise in July to find out the socio-emotional situation in which students and teachers find themselves.

“The idea is that it be tentatively in August, in July we want to make a proposal for a diagnostic exercise to be carried out, what we want is for the boys to arrive a little earlier to find out how they are first from the emotional point of view because we cannot get directly to the contents, to work on learning if we do not know in the human part how our children are “.

He said that first it will be seen how many members of the teaching profession died and the students who lost their parents due to the coronavirus.

“How are our teachers and at the same time starting to check the little ones who lost parents because that part is also important, if there was a loss of teachers because unfortunately this did not respect anyone”, concluded the person in charge of the educational policy of the country.

The official was interviewed at the end of the signing of an agreement with the head of Semarnart, María Luisa Albores, which aims to prioritize environmental education in the return to face-to-face classes.