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Friday 06, December 2019
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Osorio calls for Unified Command

By The News · 14 of February 2016 21:15:23
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Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio said Mexico requires solid institutions to prevent cases like the one of Iguala from happening again.

BY VÍCTOR MAYÉN AND JORGE CHAPARRO The News Interior Secretariat Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong asked Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) senators to eliminate the 800 municipal police forces that are in operation in the country, to substitute them with the 32 state forces. While participating in the opening of the Eighth Plenary Meeting for PRIGreen Party parliamentary groups in the Senate, Osorio Chong urged legislators to speed up the discussion to approve the security reform. Osorio Chong said that the country requires solid institutions, so as not to have passive security or a setback, like the one that we had before the arrival of the current administration. They will have to implement a reform which can fit all voices in order to prevent cases like the one of Iguala from happening again, said Osorio Chong. “Members of the PRI and the Green Party (PVEM) must seek consensus with the National Action Party (PAN) and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in order to make this work. There is peace and tranquility in Mexico and security has been greatly strengthened in several important regions which were previously controlled by organized crime. I am committed to restore the rule of law in Guerrero as it was restored in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Michoacán and Tamaulipas,” he said. The PAN parliamentary group in the Senate has said that they will not support the initiative to create a unified police control in the states. Roberto Gil Zuarth, president of the Senate, said that this was an agreement made by the 38 PAN legislators. “Peña Nieto’s initiative, as it was presented, has no viability for the PAN parliamentary group. We are building consensus from the proposal made by the PAN, which proposes as many different municipal police forces as possible and the implementation of honest and trustworthy police officers throughout the country,” said Gil Zuarth.