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Monday 20 of May 2024

'Lord Ferrari' Speaks on Death of Bodyguard in Hotel

The businessman Alberto Sentíes denied any responsibility in the assault perpetrated by his bodyguards

Alberto Sentíes, better known as #LordFerrari due to his expensive car, denied having ordered his guards to assault a driver on Tlalpan viaduct.

In an interview with Raymundo Riva Palacio for CAPITAL MEDIA, he said that the he reproved the actions of his former bodyguard Sergio González Ibarra.

After the letter divulged this Friday in which González Ibarra makes his responsible for the attack on another person, he denied being involved.

“That is precisely why he was fired immediately and I voluntarily appeared to testify.”
Alberto Sentíes, ‘Lord Ferrari’. Businessman.

Sentíes indicated that until now no one has asked him to declare on the death of his bodyguard due to a myocardial infarction and was found in a hotel in Atizapán, State of Mexico.