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Sunday 26 of May 2024

IMSS exceeded goals in recovery of medical services deferred by the pandemic

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IMSS exceeded goals in recovery of medical services deferred by the pandemic. Family consultations increased by more than 12 thousand.

In 2021, the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) exceeded the recovery goals for deferred medical services due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19.

He indicated that with respect to 2020, in this year that just ended, Family Medicine consultations increased by 12 million 315 thousand 476; 3 million 654 thousand 705 specialty consultations, one million 835 thousand 119 emergency consultations, 181 thousand 005 surgical interventions and 560 thousand 063 hospital discharges.

Likewise, 2 million 074 thousand 882 detections of diabetes mellitus were made, one million 526 thousand 320 of arterial hypertension, one million 177 thousand 021 of breast cancer by clinical examination and 412 thousand 535 more by mammography; as well as 743 thousand 127 cervical cancer more than in 2020.

He stressed that through the Strategy for the Recovery of Ordinary Services, it was possible to optimize the infrastructure in all shifts and reinforce with 14 National Conferences and various Monothematic Conferences the consultations in Family Medicine, Specialties, surgeries and studies for the detection of diabetes, hypertension, cancer of breast and cervico-uterine.

With the support of the managerial and operational staff of the Institute’s Representative Offices in the states, High Specialty Medical Units (UMAE) and the Medical Benefits Directorate, Social Security did not stop in its operation, the Institution moved and is national example, this will be a normality strategy in the future and it is here to stay.

In this way, in the progress of the recovery of services, as of December 25, 13.6 million Specialty Consultations had been carried out, 78.7 million Family Medicine, 2 million 488 thousand 126 dental, in addition to one million 33 thousand 086 surgeries and 2 million 117 thousand 417 hospital discharges.

More than 1,800 transplants were also carried out, mainly kidney, cornea and heart, with biosafety protocols to avoid COVID-19 infections.

In actions to prevent the main chronic diseases, the timely detection of breast cancer was promoted by performing one million 075 thousand 319 mammograms and 4 million 262 thousand 959 examinations; 2 million 149 thousand 799 of cervical-uterine cancer; 5.9 million of diabetes and 14.6 million of arterial hypertension, highlighted the Social Security.