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Friday 21 of June 2024

AMLO returns to the National Palace. will resume tour

After this Friday they will perform a catheterization, President López Obrador published a message from the National Palace

After spending the night at the Central Military Hospital of La Sedena after the cardiac catheterization to which he was subjected, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador returned this Saturday morning to the National Palace “very calm and happy” to apply what “fund and that there is president for a time.


He revealed that he has a “political will” in the face of the possibility “of a loss of my life” so that the governability of Doctor is guaranteed, “I have a will for that, fortunately I do not think it will be needed and we will continue together, loving each other very much ”.

This morning, around 10:20 a.m., a truck entered through the Honor Gate of the National Palace. It was at 12:02 p.m. that the president sent a message through his social networks.

“We are back at the National Palace. The doctors say that we can continue working intensely for the benefit of the people and the nation,” he wrote along with a 7-minute, 55-second video.

The president asserted that “there is a president for a time, the necessary one, the indispensable one, the base to carry out the transformation.”

He said that 15 days ago they did some tests and a stress test — after he suffered a heart attack eight years ago and since then he has taken various medications to control his pressure — and it was recommended to do a catheterization, which was postponed because he was infected. of covid for the second time.

After thanking cardiologists Patricio Ortiz, from the National Institute of Cardiology (and who treated him in 2013) and Colonel Luis Enrique Berumen, as well as nurse Carina Judith Salomé, the president said that after Friday morning he entered the hospital , where they hydrated him and performed a catheterization.

He stated that after the exploration of the arteries they did not find any obstruction, so they took him to his room and spent the night in the military hospital.

Dressed in an olive green jacket and a white shirt, sitting at a desk, he assured that he was very calm to return to the National Palace to continue with the transformation of the country, banish corruption and serve humble people.

The head of the Federal Executive stated that he is missing a section since in September 2024 he will deliver the presidential sash.

He thanked everyone who cared about his health.

“I do not want to continue talking about these things, that if it is covid, that if it is catheterization, I hope that we no longer talk about this, it is only about the happiness of our people, about how we are going to face the great and serious problems, how We are going to continue solving everything that affects us, as a society, as a community, how are we going to continue strengthening the greatness of Mexico, a hug”, he concluded.