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Monday 25 of October 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

The solar eclipse seen from Monterrey, Nuevo León,photo: Cuartoscuro/Gabriela Pérez Montiel
The solar eclipse seen from Monterrey, Nuevo León,photo: Cuartoscuro/Gabriela Pérez Montiel
The solar eclipse is making major waves!

Like the lunar eclipse we saw a few weeks ago, Monday’s total solar eclipse in Leo will bring about change in our lives. Expect some big events and new opportunities coming your way. Expect the unexpected and listen to the eclipse’s message for you.

But unlike lunar eclipses, which usually bring about endings, solar ones are more likely to instigate beginnings.

This eclipse is extra special because it is the second consecutive new moon in Leo this year. The first one was in July. It is also the second eclipse in Leo this year. The first one was the lunar eclipse on February 10. This week’s eclipse might tie up some loose ends from the first one, so think back to what you were doing in February.

This series for eclipses will end on January 31, 2018, when there will be a Leo full moon.

The solar eclipse brings us new beginnings. You are no exception, Aries. This week will bring about a lot of upheaval in your romantic life. What are your desires for your future? You may need to work on your commitment to these plans or really shake things up with your partner. The same goes if you’re single. Ask yourself what you want and make the changes necessary to obtain it.

Solar mantra: I will commit to what I want.

Changes are in the works for your home life or with your family this week. Maybe you need to have a talk with your relatives or maybe it’s time you start looking for new living arrangements or maybe you just need to make your home feel more like your own. Whatever it is, something needs to change. Avoid your stubborn instincts, fickle Taurus, and get to work!

Solar mantra: I will build a home that makes me happy.

You need to work on your communication skills, social Gemini. Make sure that you do it in a way that others can really understand. There may also be some projects or agreements from February that come back up for you.

Solar mantra: I will communicate effectively.

This eclipse highlights the financial part of your life. You might be starting a new job or looking to start one. Or you might be looking for ways to save money or move into more affordable housing. Pay attention to your spending!

Solar mantra: I am enough.

This is your eclipse, proud Leo! Use it wisely. Surround yourself with things and people you love and don’t waste your time on anyone not worthy of your attention. Think about your personal goals and do your best to work towards them. Take this special time to also work on any creative projects you might have set aside or forgotten about.

Solar mantra: Go for it!

Take the day off. obsessive Virgo. Rest. Take a vacation. Meditate. Whatever it is, get in-tuned with yourself. Try and focus on positivity and honesty during this turbulent time. Speak your truth, but do it nicely.

Solar mantra: I will take care of myself.

New opportunities are afoot for you, sweet Libra. What collaborations or projects are you working on? Stop waiting around and find people to work on them with. Now is also a good time to weed out people in your social life. Don’t waste your effort on people that don’t give you effort in return. Be a little bit selfish look out for your needs.

Solar mantra: I will put myself first.

New leadership roles are in store for you, Scorpio. Something great is happening for you in your professional life. Expect and accept new responsibilities, and use them to show off your talents.

Solar mantra: Work hard!

Pack your bags, Sag. The world is calling your name. Get out of town. Hit the wide, open road or treat yourself to a much deserved vacation. Maybe you’re just going to the next city over, but that’s ok! The point is that you’re learning and exploring.

Solar mantra: I am ready to learn.

You, like some of your other astrological friends are going to be focusing on relationships. Things might get serious or might need a major review. Think seriously about what is best for you and what change you want to see.

Solar mantra: I will look out for my needs.

You’re also thinking about relationships, Aquarius. Things might move fast for you, though, with the solar eclipse working its magic. Be on the lookout for that special someone or work on issues with your partner at home.

Solar mantra: I am lovable.

It’s time to get active! Your body needs you. Listen to what it is telling you. Take care of yourself physically by going to the gym or practicing whatever your fav excise may be. Don’t forget to deal with any stress you may be feeling right now too. Take time to do something that relaxes you and gives you clarity.

Solar mantra: I will listen to my body.