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Monday 02 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Mercury,photo: Flickr
Mercury,photo: Flickr
Mercury retrograde's got us all in a bit of a funk

We made it through two eclipses this month. Anything else that the stars could throw our way should be a piece of cake, right? This week Mercury retrograde, which will be in Virgo until Thursday, will enter Leo. Everyone should pay attention to their planning and proceed with caution in romantic situations.

Pay close attention to detail this week, my beautiful Ram. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row and that you follow through on commitments.

This weekend: Saturday night is calling you. Enjoy a night out on the town.

This is going to be a bit of a relaxing and slow-paced week for you. Reconnect and think about what you need, but take time to ruminate over it and don’t make any rash decisions yet.

This weekend: Stay in and take a nap or read a book.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde. Have things been a bit chaotic and hectic for you lately? Watch out for miscommunications and misunderstandings.

This weekend: Get together with friends to work on a project or just catch up and talk.

Are people just not getting you and your wonderful sense of humor lately, kind Cancer? Are your expertly crafted puns going unappreciated? These problems should clear up on Thursday, when you should start having another look at your budget.

This weekend: Spend some time outdoors. Go to the park or for a hike.

You might also be experiencing some communication and money problems, Lion. Hopefully, by Thursday you will be able to sort out any finance issues.

This weekend: Do some professional networking.

This week is all about planning for you. Don’t commit to anything just yet. Instead map out your next moves.

This weekend: Meditate or work on an art project.

With the Mercury retrograde, you like some of your other celestial peers should not make any big decisions, which isn’t really your strong suit anyways.

This weekend: Go to that yoga class that you’ve been skipping out on.

Is there a task that you set aside a long time ago? Now is the time to get back to work on whatever it is that didn’t seem to work out the first time around.

This weekend: Buy a planner and make a schedule.

Think before you speak, Sag. I know this is something that you typically struggle with, but the Mercury retrograde will be making it even more difficult for you.

This weekend: Meet up with a close friend.

Watch what you say and slow down on decision making. You may also run into someone from your past, but be careful.

This weekend: If you’re single, download Tinder and get to swiping! If not, plan a romantic and sexy date.

Talk out any misunderstandings that may arise this week, Aquarius. You don’t want these issues to come back up in the future.

This weekend: Connect with old friends.

Double check everything this week. Take things slow and be patient. You may also be reminiscing or analyzing relationship dynamics. Try not to think too much about this while your judgement is clouded from the Mercury retrograde.

This weekend: Go to the doctor.