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Sunday 01 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Pluto,photo: Wikipedia
Pluto,photo: Wikipedia
Mercury enters Libra, giving us all some much needed clarity

On Thursday, Jupiter opposed Uranus. The contrast of these two very different planets is a sign of social injustice or political unrest. This calls us all to fight for justice and also hopes to bring about some conclusions.

Thursday also brings Pluto out of retrograde, giving us more motivation and clarity. It makes us ask ourselves what the truth is and what is actually a lie. We will be more able to see when people are deceiving us.

Then, Mercury enters Libra on Friday. What does this mean? Well, Mercury is the planet of communication. Before it was stationed in Virgo, the nitpicker of the zodiac. Maybe you’ve been overanalyzing your communications or have been too judgmental about people in your life. Now that Mercury enters Libra, the sign of balance, we should be seeing more agreement and compromise.


This week will have you thinking about relationship dynamics. Think about what you have learned this year about the difficulties that arise in relationships. What about your relationship with yourself? How does this help you connect with others?

Self-care: I know you relish in your alone time Ram, but take some time to connect with others. Just talking to a friend can help you feel better about whatever situation has you stressed.


This week centers around your work life. Hopefully there is a big step or change you have been waiting for that finally falls through.

Self-care: Take care of that beautiful body of yours. Remember to fuel it with food that make you feel good. Ditch the fast food or junk food and opt for real food with lots of vitamins and protein. Don’t forget to drink lots of water!


Your word for the week is creativity. Get those artistic juices flowing! Collaborate with someone or ask for feedback on your own work.

Self-care: Set aside time to paint, draw, scrapbook, knit, or whatever type of crafting you prefer. This can be very therapeutic and soothing when dealing with stress.


You’re feeling more optimistic about love and money issues. Finally! Just be clear and honest about what your needs are.

Self-care: You love your home and are known for being a bit of a homebody. The best de-stresser for you right now is to make your home as inviting and cozy as it can be. You might have some decluttering to do and parting with your beloved possessions can be hard for you. If you’re not ready to give things up, start by tidying up your living space. This will help you feel more at ease in your favorite place.


You have been been unstoppable lately. Reflect back on all of the recent progress you’ve made and what your goals are.

Self-care: You, like your Taurus friends, may have been neglecting your nutrition lately. Take a look at what you’re putting into your body and try to cut out unnecessary items that don’t make you feel your best. Also, look into ways you can get some exercise into your life.


Thursday might have you ready to jump back into the dating scene after a brief lull.

Self-care: Think about what it is that you need in a relationship and don’t jump in before really thinking about it it is what you want and best for you.


Your life may have been very chaotic lately, and that’s ok. If you’re feeling that it’s all too much, remember that we learn from these experiences. Accept change and find help when you need it.

Self-care: It’s ok to get mad sometimes, Libra, and it might be just the release you’ve been needing. Saying no is also ok, even though people may not expect it from you. Sometimes you need to put your needs first instead of trying to please everybody.


You’re feeling obsessive and want to know everything. Relax and accept things as they are.

Self-care: Try going off the grid for a few days to ease stress this week. If you can’t give it up cold turkey, try cutting back on your screen time or only replying at certain times.


This week focuses on your career, but also on community or humanitarian aspects. Is there a cause that you want to fight for? An organization or community you want to give back to? Take part in something greater than yourself. Seek out ways you can help and make a difference.

Self-care: Accept help or ask for help when you need it.


How are you balancing all the aspects of your life, Goat? What is getting more preference? Make sure that you aren’t ignoring people or parts of your life for others.

Self-care: Spend some time at home and work on interpersonal relationships.


What is your plan? You’re feeling a bit adventurous this week, so try some new things, maybe a new restaurant or a new hobby. Try learning a new language to really fulfill your need for adventure.

Self-care: You’ve been trying to do everything all at once and you’re starting to reach your limit. Take a step back and make a list of all the things on your plate. Prioritize and decide if there are some responsibilities you can give up. If possible, plan a little trip for yourself.


You’re feeling extra witchy this week, Fish. Read up on occult themes and try out some new magic. You’re also feeling a little bit sultry, so set up a date with someone new or an old lover.

Self-care: Focus your energies on important and loyal people in your life and consider ridding yourself of any toxic or unworthy people.