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Tuesday 03 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

The full moon in Mexico City,photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel
The full moon in Mexico City,photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel
Mercury's retrograde finally comes to an end!

On Tuesday, Mars enters Virgo. Mars moving from Leo to Virgo could bring out the neat freak in all of us. Get ready to clean up and organize all of the things that you left a mess during Mars’ stint in Leo. You also may have talked a lot of talk during the past few weeks. Mars in Virgo will put that to the test.

There’s more good news too! Tuesday also ends Mercury retrograde! Maybe now we can finally clear up all of those misunderstandings that have been arising lately! Then on Saturday night, Mercury will also enter Virgo!

On Wednesday, there will be a full moon Pisces. Get romantic and be a little vulnerable, but don’t let you guard down completely.

You’ve been a bit lazy lately, haven’t you, Aries? Time to get back on track with taking care of yourself and you life in general. And having the sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo will help you do it. This means get your life in order, Ram! Living in a pile of your own filth and eating out everyday was fun for awhile, but we know that it isn’t very sustainable.

Moony munchies: You need to get back to a healthy diet. Try loading up on some delicious lentils or beans.

Romance is in the air for you, Bull, but be vocal about your intentions. They may be obvious to you, but remember that not everyone can read your mind and some people just need a little extra help and a few friendly hints. Once you’ve cleared that up, start planning some fun dates!

Moony munchies: Plan a romantic evening at home and cook a meal for a special someone.

You are all about interior design and home improvement this week. Maybe it’s time for some redecorating or maybe you just want to invite a few friends over. You were hit pretty hard by this Mercury retrograde. But don’t worry! It’s finally coming to an end.

Moony munchies: Remember those friends you were going to invite over? Plan a little dinner party and show off your beautiful home. Cook up something that’s sure to please.

You are on a roll (as always), Crab cutie. Everyone wants to be your friend right now! But then, when don’t they? If things go well, you might be making a new best friend, just don’t forget about your old ones! Now that Mercury has settled down, so will your finances. And the full moon will have you all ready to talk about your feelings.

Moony munchies: Take that new bestie of yours out for a beer at your fave pub. While you’re there, you will probably want to snack on some yummy bar food too. Nachos?

You’ve had a few crazy weeks with all of the planets congregating in your sign, Leo. Now you must pass the reigns onto Virgo, who has your back when it comes to order and efficiency. Get your finances back in order and get back to work. With both your birthday and Mercury retrograding through your sign, things have been pretty chaotic, but now things should be slowing down.

Moony munchies: Take yourself out to eat for one last hooray, as we move out of your season and into Virgo’s.

With so many planets in your sign, these next few weeks are really all about you, Virgo! Look out for your needs and take care of yourself, because you are going to be in the spotlight. What do you want? What is important to you?

Moony munchies: Get fit this week and opt for a healthy balanced diet.

Start taking better care of yourself, Libra. And start getting more organized. This means cleaning house and getting rid of the things that no longer serve you. Get a massage or do some meditation or whatever it is that you need to relax. Mars in Virgo asks you to heal from whatever it is that has been hurting you.

Moony munchies: You need to get back to being healthy. Start by going to the grocery store and planning your meals for the week. This will help you resist the urge to eat out on your lunch break.

Get connected with your community. Reach out to friends or join a cause/club. You may hit a road bump in your romantic life, but don’t let that stop you!

Moony munchies: You’re feeling a little sexy with the full moon this week. Go for some oysters or chocolate.

Rest up at the beginning of the week so you’ll be ready to wow everyone at work later on. Work together with colleagues and be ambitious, as it’s sure to pay off.

Moony munchies: Relax and enjoy life’s simplicities. Hit up a café and sample fine teas or coffee.

You are feeling the travel bug and are ready for something new and exciting. Don’t settle for the same old thing. Go for a little weekend getaway or start planning for a bigger excursion farther in the future. This way, you’ll have more time to setup the perfect trip. You deserve it! If you aren’t feeling up to a great adventure, try connecting with nature. Go camping or plan a nature walk.

Moony munchies: Since you’re longing for something different and faraway, try something you’ve never tasted before. Maybe it’s Pakistani food or maybe its the new French restaurante that you’ve been meaning to try. If you can’t plan that international trip you’ve been wanting, take a little culinary vacation in your own city and experience something new.

Get everything out in the open this week. You don’t have time for maybes. Now that Mercury is finally out of retrograde, you should also be seeing some stability return to your relationships. You may be coming into a bit of money, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon your budget and spend just yet.

Moony munchies: Stick to classics. Maybe tacos are your thing. Or maybe stick to a nice burger.

Your love life is heating up, delicate Pisces. As exciting as it may be, please don’t overlook your other priorities. Don’t let your work fall by the wayside, because this week could also bring about some luck in your professional circle.

Moony munchies: The full moon is in your sign! Indulge a little! Treat yourself to a nice restaurant or splurge on some drinks to celebrate.