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Saturday 27 of November 2021

The Injectables

Injectables are the leading in-office beauty procedures for surgeons and dermatologists,photo: Wikimedia
Injectables are the leading in-office beauty procedures for surgeons and dermatologists,photo: Wikimedia
The 21st century woman has a plethora of noninvasive options to turn back the clock


Way back in the 20th century (and let’s remember, that was only 17 years ago), the medical gold standard treatment for shaving off years and looking younger was the facelift.

Not anymore.

There are a variety of injectables that can help you look younger without going under the knife. Photo: Wikimedia

Now the 21st century woman (and man) has a plethora of noninvasive options to turn back the clock without having to go under the knife.

Of course, we all have our arsenals of day creams, night creams, eye creams, throat creams and pretty much creams for every other conceivable part of our anatomy, all of which we generously lather on faithfully twice a day in the hopes of warding off those first telltale signs of aging as long as possible.

And there is no denying that a good moisturizing cream applied regularly (along with that super-crucial sunblock cream to protect from UV rays) can go a long way in protecting skin against the inevitable process of maturation.

But can those so-called commercial miracle creams actually reverse damage already done by Father Time? Not so much.

But injectables can.

A tiny injection of Botox can help raise your eyebrows to give your eyes a fresher, brighter appearance. Photo: Wikimedia

And these minimally invasive procedures are, for the most part, affordable, effective, relatively painless and won’t interrupt your daily routines.

Moreover, most of the procedures are quick and the risk of any serious complication is far lower than with surgery.

Basically, the trend toward noninvasive procedures to fend off the signs of aging began with the introduction of Botox in the 1990s, explained dermatologist and derma-surgeon Isela Méndez of the Clínica Dermatólogia Isela Méndez in Mexico City’s upscale Polanco neighborhood.

“Botox was the start of the noninvasive revolution,” she said.

Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin type A, a highly purified neurotoxin that temporarily paralyzes the nerve impulses within the facial muscles, causing those muscles to relax.

The relaxed muscles in turn help to diminish facial wrinkles, fine line and crow’s feet that are caused by repetitive muscle activity, such as smiling, frowning or squinting.

According to the Mexican Congress of Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons (CMCPER), about one million Mexicans had Botox therapy last year, and the demand for the neurotoxin injections is expected to rise by at least 10 percent in 2017.

“People have always wanted to look younger,” said Méndez.

“But now we are living longer and working longer. To be a contender in today’s tight job market, you need to look like you’re still in the game.”

Botox can also help to soften the appearance of crow’s feet. Photo: Wikimedia

Since the introduction of Botox by Allergan Inc., there have been other botulinum toxin pharmaceuticals that have come into the market, including Dysport by Medicis Aesthetics and Xeomin by Merz Pharmaceuticals, Méndez said.

“They all work in essentially the same way,” Méndez said.

“Basically, the choice depends on the physician’s and patient’s preference.”

After the use of Botox and Botox-like pharmaceutical became widely accepted, Méndez said that injectable fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm — both of which were introduced in Mexico about 10 years ago — took the noninvasive revolution to a whole new level.

Fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, both with hyaluronic acid, help to  plump up areas of the face that are thinning and appear to have sagging or flaccidity. Photo: Juvederm

“With these products, which are composed of hyaluronic acid (a natural substance within skin that stimulates collagen production), we are able to plump up areas of the face that are thinning and appear to have sagging or flaccidity,” she said.

Granted, neither Botox nor fillers can achieve the results of a full-fledged facelift, but Méndez said they can produce dramatic improvements and are usually administered in a doctor’s office, requiring no downtime.

They are also both very affordable, about 6,000 to 15,000 pesos per application, depending on the physician and how much of the drug is applied.

Results from both of the treatments can last for up to five or seven months.

But what about patients who want to combat the signs of aging without injections?

Méndez said there are plenty of other noninvasive treatments available which can treat targeted areas of the face, throat and hands.

One option she offers in her office, in addition to Dysport and fillers, is a thermal radio therapy, which works by creating a controlled injury to the skin that sets a wound-healing response into high gear to spur collagen formation and cell regeneration, while firming and plumping the skin.

Other treatments such as dermal abrasion and laser therapy are affordable and painless and can be administered in about an hour.

And there are new noninvasive treatments being developed almost daily.

So forget the scalpel and talk to your licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon (do NOT let any of these procedures be done by amateurs), and you may just discover a new way to look younger almost instantly with a simple visit to your physician.

More information

 Isela Méndez’ dermatological clinic is located at Calle Plinio 118B in Polanco (tel: 5280-7256 or 5280-4218),

For more information, consult the webpage



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