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Wednesday 24 of April 2024

Secrets to a Timeless Beauty

Nothing can compete with classic porcelain matte skin and elegant red lips,Photo: Dior
Nothing can compete with classic porcelain matte skin and elegant red lips,Photo: Dior
A perfect complexion is the hallmark of beauty


Sitting down and chatting with a world-renowned beauty expert is always enlightening.

Sitting down and chatting with five of them in a single location all at the same time can be downright edifying.

Two weeks ago, a select group of eight leading Mexican fashion and beauty writers got just that chance, when Dior’s five official makeup artists and beauty consultants for Latin America offered a start-to-finish guide to skincare and cosmetic application secrets at the Palacio de Hierro Polanco’s private suite.

Photo: Dior

“The secret to a perfect makeup look is to start with a clean canvas,” said Peruvian makeup artist Nicolás Berteteaga Farro, a sentiment that would be echoed by the other four Dior specialists throughout the two-hour presentation.

“Clean your skin at least twice a day and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.”

Luz Koch, who heads up Dior’s Caribbean makeup and skincare team, said that one of the biggest mistakes Latin American women make is to not remove all their makeup before going to bed.

“Also, they often use a day cream at night or a night cream in the day,” she said.

“Night is the time when your skin renews itself, so night creams are formulated to help promote cell renewal. Wearing a night cream in the daytime is a waste of product, just like wearing a day cream at night is not going to help your skin very much.”

Koch said that it is best to apply product when your skin is moist, right after showering, and before using a moisturizer, you should put on a serum like One Essential that will not only nourish skin and help it absorb the benefits of a cream but also help undo the negative effects of free radicals.

And never forget to add sunscreen to block out skin-damaging UV rays, she said.

Photo: Dior

Christian Solano, a Dior makeup artist from Costa Rica, spoke about foundations, stressing that less is always more, and that color should always be blended with a soft, large brush with outward movements from the center of the face.

“Don’t choose a foundation color, have the color choose you, based on your natural skin tone,” he said.

“If you need help in deciding what is your best color, ask an expert at a department store makeup counter to help you.”

Once you have applied your base, Solano said you can add contours and dimensions with a slightly darker shade, again, applied with a brush in big, sweeping strokes.

A warm blush on the apple of the cheeks will give a flesh, flushed look, he said.

Photo: Dior
Next up was makeup artist Francisco Ingratta, who said that eyes today should take a backseat to lips, which should be the stars of any contemporary look.

But he also said that brows can be the frames of your eyes and should always be well-groomed, whether you are going for a Book Shields full effect or a modest thin line arch.

“When it comes to shadows, don’t let anyone tell you that you can only use certain colors,” Ingratta said.

“Dare to try new shades and if you want to go for a cat-eye effect, try using a more modern geometric feline look. There are no rules when it comes to eye makeup. Use the styles and colors you like, and have fun with it.”

Photo: Dior

Mexican makeup artist Abraham Ismael Calletario Ramírez said lips are currently the most important feature of any makeup look, and that to accentuate them, you should try to layer different shades on your lips.

“Dark shades recede, while light shades give the appearance of making your lips look larger,” he said.

“Contour your lips with color the same way you contour your face.”

All five beauty experts said that, in the end, it is fun to play with new makeup trends and styles, but nothing can compete with classic porcelain matte skin and elegant red lips.

“A perfect complexion is the hallmark of beauty, here and everywhere,” Berteteaga Farro said.

“Take care of your skin and you will be a timeless beauty all your life, with or without makeup.”


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