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Wednesday 17 of April 2024

Mazatlán, an unusual mexican destination for your holidays

"Camarones gourmet en Mazatlán (Licencia libre)

If you are dreaming of sunshine, long golden beaches swept by the gentle breeze of the Pacific and an authentic Mexican destination, sign Mazatlán to your itinerary. This small town of 750,000 in the Sinaloa state, in southwestern Mexico, offers a mix of sea, beaches, culture and gastronomy.


And now is the time to go, because this colonial city is likely to change radically over the next few years. Important investments are planned to reposition Mazatlán in the tourist board, including many all inclusive hotels like Hotel Riu.

Shrimp paradise for gourmets

Mazatlán is a paradise for gourmets. Imagine the variety of fresh fish that can be enjoyed in the restaurants of the place. At many restaurants the plates are filled with real mountains of seafood: prawns, octopus, scallops, lobsters.


As Mazatlán is the capital of the shrimp, you can well imagine that it is served in all ways and all sauces: shrimp shrimp, prawns stuffed with bacon and cheese, shrimp with tequila, prepared in soup, in beer, marinated in lime juice, etc.


The city has all the ingredients to seduce the tourist: 1.2 million visitors come annually, attracted mainly by its beaches stretching for several kilometers and the mild climate. Most hotels, like all inclusive Riu Mazatlan, restaurants Shops are concentrated in the Zona Dorada to the north, while to the south is the heart of the city, El Centro.


The town is bordered by the Malecón, a 19-kilometer stroll along the sea, which can be explored on foot or by bike. This walk is embellished with beautiful sculptures made by local artists who tell bits of the history of the city: a movie star immortalized on his bike, a fisherman who symbolizes the importance of the fishing industry in this region or a jumping marlin.


The street parallel to the Malecón has remained authentic with its small hotels, colorful shops and small restaurants.

A special spot for nature lovers

Today, Mazatlán is still famous for its deep-sea fishing. Fishermen from all over come to compete with big fish, such as swordfish, marlins, mahi mahi or tuna.


But it’s not just the beaches and the sea. Mazatlán’s interest also lies in its bustling historic center. Its old colonial buildings restored and painted with pastel colors give it a scent of Spain.


The most important building of the district is that of the opera Ángela Peralta, which owes its name to a soprano singer who arrived in Mazatlán in 1883. This building built in 1869 was completely restored in 1987 and it hosts dance troupes and orchestras.


It is very pleasant to walk the streets in the evening, and to sit at a café in the neighborhood to listen to the musicians in the street. Mazatlán is also famous for its carnival which takes place 40 days before Easter. It is then that the historic center comes alive with thousands of colors.


From November to May, visitors can explore the neighborhood through an artistic tour, where they can discover artists’ studios, museums and art galleries. You can also visit the archeology museum and the art museum.