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Thursday 20 of June 2024

Disney donated 700 thousand dollars to nutrition and sports programs for girls, boys and young people in Latin America

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Disney seeks to collaborate with better nutrition and the promotion of sports as tools for social inclusion in vulnerable communities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. In one year, the initiative will impact around 6,000 boys, girls and young people, and more than 350 teachers in the region.

Within the framework of its commitment to promote healthier lifestyles, as a key aspect for the development and better quality of life of children and young people, The Walt Disney Company Latin America supports social inclusion programs linked to providing access to a better nutrition and sports practices.

For this reason, the company is donating US$700,000 to develop these initiatives in vulnerable communities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, in alliance with The Global FoodBanking Network, Coaches Across Continents, Love Fútbol, ​​Instituto Esporte & Educação and the Mpumalanga Institute, impacting in one year around 6,000 boys, girls and young people, and more than 350 teachers in the region.

“This initiative is part of our #ViveMásSaludable campaign, in line with Disney’s sustained commitment to accompany families in promoting healthier habits, since we know that our stories reach millions of families throughout the region every day. , and for this reason we have an enormous responsibility and opportunity to inspire positive habits and values.

Food, active life, rest and hygiene are the first habits we acquire from a young age, and we believe that, through our content, experiences, characters and stories, we can help identify them and then adopt them.

Supporting organizations that manage to have a positive impact on children and young people through food and sports is part of making healthy living a more accessible proposal for all children”, says Belén Urbaneja, Director of Social Responsibility. Corporate, Brand Management and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

Disney donated 700 thousand dollars to nutrition and sports programs for girls, boys and young people in Latin America
Thanks to the resources provided by Disney, the Food Banks will support school feeding and nutritional education programs, increase access to fruits and vegetables, acquire new vehicles and generate greater capacities in their work teams and volunteers. “We are inspired by Disney’s commitment to alleviate hunger, especially among the most vulnerable populations in Latin America.

Through this alliance, the members of the Food Banks will be able to distribute more safe and nutritious food to more people and communities”, comments Ana Catalina Suarez Peña, Director, Latin America Operations, The Global FoodBanking Network.

For its part, the project of the international NGO Coaches Across Continents (CAC) uses the game to promote healthy habits in vulnerable communities in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

CAC has designed an educational material around healthy habits based on the game, which makes it easier for youth leaders to have the necessary tools to work on the main values ​​of Disney around nutrition, physical activity, mental health and hydration.

The material is tailored to the challenges facing communities in the chosen countries. CAC will train eight partner organizations and their youth leaders in eight communities on the use of the tool, considering issues of child protection and the essence of the methodology.

The eight community organizations will offer sustainable education programs for a year, teaching adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 the importance of having a healthy life.

Nick Gates, Founder, Coaches Across Continents, expresses in this regard: “We are honored to expand our partnership with Disney in Latin America. Their commitment to healthy living aligns perfectly with our mission to use gaming to address the Sustainable Development Goals. Like, we’ll be able to educate thousands of girls and boys in eight communities about the importance of eating healthy, engaging in physical activity, and maintaining mental health. As we live through a global pandemic, the urgent need for these types of programs only becomes more apparent.”

On the other hand, the support for the Play for Health initiative of Love Fútbol seeks to promote social inclusion through sport. The organization will carry out an educational project related to sports practice in the communities of Cururuquara (São Paulo) and Rio Doce (Pernambuco), which will benefit more than 200 boys and girls.

Despite the geographical distance, both coexist with similar realities, which are common to the outskirts of the country’s large urban centers.

“The project, which will be developed for a year starting in November 2021, will use recognized Football for Development methodologies to address the issues that most affect youth in each community, such as food security, health promotion, gender equity. and structural racism” affirms Pedro Leal, leader of the project.

In turn, and in partnership with the Instituto Esporte & Educação and Instituto Mpumalanga in Brazil, sports and cultural activities will be generated for the indigenous communities of Apurinã and Paumari, and efforts will be made to connect sports and art with education and community strengthening. , reaching more than 100 families and 280 trained teachers.