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28 of November 2017 21:12:05

Within the framework of the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2017, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico will present the anthology Design, academy and research for everyday life, the result of joint work carried out by researchers from this house of studies and the University of San Carlos from Guatemala.Edited by the Autonomous Mexiquense, this work resulting from international cooperation and through which issues such as the design of public spaces and climate change are addressed, is made up of three central sections.It offers readers a prospective vision of the future of design for everyday life and its relationship with universities, the place where academic ideas are born and strengthened, seeking to locate themselves based on their social relevance.Collaborators in this editorial effort are the researchers from the highest house of studies from Mexico Francisco Platas López, Santiago Osnaya Baltierra, Jorge Zarur Cortés, Raymundo Ocaña Delgado, Fernando Carreto Bernal, Efrén Toledo Toledo and Laura Angelica Décaro Santiago.Also, the theoretical contributions of Amanda Morán Mérida, researcher at the Center for Urban and Regional Studies of the University of San Carlos, who through a strict analysis shows that the most urbanized regions have greater impact due to disasters, which demand the approach of public policies that integrate citizen participation.Other topics addressed in this work are the importance of bringing art to people with visual disabilities as part of the right to leisure and the proposal of a better experience of displacement within cities, through a series of recommendations that reduce material losses.Each of the authors that make up this collaborative edition proposes renewed methodologies that are very useful for the scientific community, but also for students of science related to urban design and analysis. 

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