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Tuesday 28 of May 2024

They demand the release of Beverly, a student who attacked Uber for alleged attempted rape

The governor asked to review the case of Beverly, who was arrested after being accused of injuring and attempting to assault an Uber driver.

Through social networks, feminist activists and groups launched a campaign to demand the release of Beverly Vega, a 24-year-old girl detained in Puebla after being accused of injuring and attempting to assault an Uber driver, despite denouncing an attempted sexual assault.

According to the testimony of the student from Veracruz, who went to Puebla to do a professional residency at the Ideamotion company, the driver of the transportation application tried to hold her and sexually assault her.

For this reason, organizations such as REDefine, Red La Morada, Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Mexico (Ddeser), the Citizen Observatory of Sexual and Reproductive Rights, among others, issued messages with the hashtag #JusticiaParaBeverly.

In these messages, they request support from the authorities to review the young woman’s case.

According to the organizations, on January 21, the young woman took an Uber to go to the company, which is located in an industrial park, where she would see her advisor to sign a report.

However, upon arrival at the site, the unit’s driver activated the car’s locks, raised the windows and tried to attack her.

After Beverly asked the subject to free her, he hit her, so she sought to defend herself and attacked him.

After managing to get out of the car, the subject followed her and subdued her, called the police and accused her of assault and attempted robbery, for which the young woman was arrested and taken to the C5 of the municipality of Cuahutlancingo, where they kept her until Sunday. , when she was transferred to the House of Justice of San Andrés Cholula.

The governor of the entity, Miguel Barbosa, asked the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) and the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ) to carry out a “thorough investigation” to resolve the legal situation of student Beverly Vega Oropeza.

Barbosa stated that it is a “complex” case because the authorities have an obligation to listen to both parties.

The governor of the entity also criticized the position of Uber, the company to which the subject who accuses Beverly belongs, after he demarcated and did not support the investigations.

“I stand for an in-depth investigation of the facts, that is how we did it when we became aware of this matter, when we found out, they are very complex facts, a statement by a girl that from her statement they were going to abuse her and from the statement of the Uber driver is that he was robbed and an arrest there in flagrante delicto, it is a judicial matter and I am in favor of a thorough investigation, ”said Barbosa.

This Friday, the trial link hearing will be held to determine whether or not Beverly Vega is linked to the process.