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Monday 27 of May 2024

Prepares IPN face-to-face return of students to clinical fields

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The National School of Medicine and Homeopathy (ENMH) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) released the Guidelines for the Return to Face-to-Face Activities in Clinical Fields at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), North Zone, corresponding to the school period 2022-2.

In this way, the professional medical training of students will be resumed, informed the academic secretary of the institution, David Jaramillo Vigueras, on behalf of the general director, Arturo Reyes Sandoval.

Jaramillo Vigueras recognized that the ENMH was the first to accept the challenge of reactivating face-to-face activities within the National Polytechnic Institute, about two months ago, and praised the students because they have been the ones who have pushed to achieve it and have shown great enthusiasm. in the safe return to the Clinical Fields.

For her part, Dr. Elizabeth López Rojas, Coordinator of Planning and Institutional Liaison of the IMSS, North Zone, highlighted the effort they have made in conjunction with the polytechnic authorities so that the students can return to clinical activities, since to learn medicine There is no better book than an examination and an interrogation in front of the patient, although this time it will be different, it will be in a hybrid way, but it is part of the learning that COVID-19 left behind and it is necessary to adapt to it.

Rodolfo Luna Reséndiz, director of the ENMH, pointed out that face-to-face service training is essential in professional training, particularly to define the correct attitudes for teamwork among doctors, residents, patients and relatives of patients. He added that the students of this academic unit are sufficiently qualified to participate in the National Health System, because only last year they achieved 57 percent efficiency in the National Examination for Applicants to Medical Residencies (ENARM).

The general director of the IPN, Arturo Reyes Sandoval, has highlighted that, based on its Human Back to School Phased Program, the institution has reactivated its face-to-face academic activities, under the hybrid modality, with the appropriate measures to safeguard the care of the health of your community.