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Tuesday 28 of May 2024

More than a million pilgrims flock to the Basilica of Guadalupe

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Access filters were installed and in all of them the use of face masks is mandatory to access the Basilica of Guadalupe.

Approximately one million 131 thousand 448 pilgrims visited the Basilica in the last 11 days for the celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe; and the Government of Mexico City projects that another 3 million devotees arrived on Sunday, precisely the day of La Guadalupana.

The return of faithful pilgrims to the Basilica of Guadalupe occurs after the Marian Temple remained closed last year due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19, and only 175,000 visitors were registered from December 1 to 9, 2020.

It should be remembered that in 2019, 9 million 879 thousand visitors visited the Basilica in just three days, that is, from December 10 to 12 of that year.

The Secretary of Local Government reported that the activities prior to the celebration of December 12 were carried out without major incidents, for which a white balance was recorded.

Due to the pandemic, overnight stays in the Marian Temple were prohibited, and the visit of the parishioners takes place quickly and continuously. On this occasion, it is only allowed to go to the area where the Virgin of Guadalupe is located, since the atrium is closed to the passage of people and both the masses and Las Mañanitas this Saturday, December 11, were pre-recorded.

Access filters were installed and in all of them the use of face masks is mandatory to access the Basilica. The indication of the authorities to cover the nose and mouth is constant. In addition to disinfecting people on the esplanade.

Staff from Operative Basilica provided antibacterial gel and, although it was difficult to maintain a distance of more than one meter between people, since most came with their families, progress was rapid to avoid crowds.

The journey from the main entrance to the site where the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is found took approximately 10 minutes.

Personnel from the Gustavo A. Madero mayor’s office and Citizen Security prevented people from staying to pray, flower arrangements or candles are not received; only those who come on their knees to visit La Morenita are given time.

Gustavo A. Madero reported that until Saturday night, from December 1 to 11, the removal of 195 tons of garbage and waste was carried out.

714 medical attentions were provided, none related to Covid-19 and no transfer to emergency services was required. 110,000 liters of treated water were used to clean the area and 46,150 liters of drinking water.

To speed up the entry and exit of visitors, 500 fences were installed on the perimeter. So far six people have been reported missing, which have already been located.

For the faithful who decide to go today to visit the Virgin, it is recalled that the La Villa-Basílica station, on Line 6 of the Metro, remains closed. The alternatives for the entry of users and parishioners are: Deportivo 18 de Marzo, lines 3 and 6, as well as Martín Carrera, lines 4 and 6.