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Tuesday 28 of May 2024

Homicide drops, rape and extortion rise: SSPC

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Homicide goes down, rape and extortion go up: SSPC. November is the month with the fewest homicides so far in the AMLO government.

So far this year intentional homicide and femicide have decreased, however, extortion, rape and family violence have increased, reported Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velázquez, Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection.

During the presentation of the security report and before President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he indicated that in the first three years of government there has been a decrease in the criminal incidence of federal jurisdiction of 22.1%.

In the case of intentional homicide —which he said is one of the crimes that most worries the federal government— it shows a reduction of 3.8%, “there has been a drop for three consecutive months.”

According to the report, November is the month with the fewest homicides so far in the López Obrador government with 2,593.

Of the 50 municipalities with the highest number of intentional homicides, this crime has had a decrease of 1.8%.

The secretary reported that femicide fell 19.3%. The graph details that it is low compared to the same month last year; 71 victims were registered in November and 72 in October.

In contrast, family violence increased 15.5%, “it must be said that the last six months of the year have been on the decline, but it has not yet been enough, we have an increase of 15.5%”.

“In the case of rape there is also an increase of 20.8% and extortion also an increase of 11.2%, which is a crime linked to criminal groups,” he said.

Other crimes that are going down, according to the federal official, are kidnapping 65.9%, vehicle theft with 29.4% and robbery in public transport with 27.9%.