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Friday 24 of May 2024

External expertise to determine causes of accident in Metro, there are no unemployed: Sheinbaum

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Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, head of the Government of Mexico City, announced that an international company will be hired to carry out an external expert opinion and determine the causes that caused the collapse of a trab in the Olivos station on line 12 of the Metro, which has left 23 dead and 79 injured so far.

From the Treasury room of the National Palace, he indicated that so far there are no dismissed officials until the expert opinions of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City are concluded, “until there is an expert opinion, we have to know what the causes were. to find out who was responsible ”.

Noting that the structure of line 12 was reviewed daily, the head of government stated that it is not possible to speculate on the causes of the accident.

He stated that 490 buses of the public system are providing service, which have a cost of five pesos, but the possibility of providing transportation for free is being analyzed.

Asked about the safety of traveling in the subway after the collapse of the trabe and other accidents that have been registered, the head of government said that the rest of the lines are still working.

“An expert opinion must be carried out that began yesterday, but we are also here and will inform you today I am looking for an international company with a certificate in both Metro and structural matters so that it can carry out an external technical expert opinion and that we can reach the causes of this unfortunate incident ”, he stated.

He asserted that in case of sinking in the line if he had reported immediately.

“You have to know the causes and that is why the expert opinions and we ask that for the moment we wait for the expert opinions before speculating what happened and give all the help to the victims at this time,” he emphasized.

“My position is that we must get to the truth, know the causes that produced this unfortunate incident, we need experts from both the Attorney General’s Office and an impartial external natural, who do all the studies and do all the review that has to be done get to the truth in this situation, “he added.

-What guarantees that there will be no more accidents? He was asked.

-There will be a review of the entire elevation of line 12 and this external review that will allow us to know what happened, to know the truth and the current situation of line 12 and its structure.

The head of government was also questioned if the maintenance that was given to line 12 failed.

“We cannot say anything until we have the expert opinions as speculating does not help anyone, we are looking for the expert opinion from the Attorney General’s Office and an external expert opinion that will tell us what the causes were,” he reiterated.

He was also asked if there were dismissed officials and if the investigation would reach Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who was head of government when said line was inaugurated.

“Everything that has to be known, the people have the right to know the truth and we are committed to it, that is precisely why an external expert opinion is being sought and to know what were the causes of this incident where, unfortunately, 23 people have lost so far. life, “he said.

Of an alleged sabotage, he said that one cannot speculate until the causes are known.

“At this moment the subway line is closed, it will be the revision of the entire elevated part and until we are not certain, this area where the trab had fallen has to be corrected,” he explained.