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Friday 21 of June 2024

Deputy Martha Avila calls on the PAN to avoid the politicization of justice

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Martha Avila Ventura expressed her concern about the systematic intimidation that PAN deputy Ricardo Rubio Torres exercises against her

The Coordinator of MORENA in the Congress of Mexico City, Deputy Martha Avila Ventura, called on the National Action parliamentary group to avoid politicizing the administration of justice, after its legislators insinuated that the City Attorney General’s Office de México (FGJCDMX) is used for political persecution purposes.

“If something characterizes the governments of the Fourth Transformation, it is non-persecution, freedom of expression, unrestricted respect for human rights and the administration of justice without distinction. So, my PAN colleagues must be clear that the competence of the authorities is to impart justice to everyone,” said the local deputy for District 28 of Iztapalapa.

The accusation of the PAN occurred on December 23 after filing a complaint for alleged nepotism of MORENA before the FGJCDMX, an instance before which the Parliamentary Group of MORENA went on December 10 to denounce a network of nepotism in the mayors of the UNA , which benefits 25 PAN families.

“We went to the Prosecutor’s Office without the shout and drumming of the PAN, which, as always, seeks to monopolize the spotlight to continue with its disinformation campaign, of half-truths. In our case, the complaints that we have presented, both nepotism and gender-based political violence, are made with the conviction that we are assisted by legal reason and moral reason. But it will not be me, nor the bench, nor the PAN members who will determine if there is a cause to pursue,” Avila Ventura stressed.

He also expressed his concern about the intimidation that deputy Ricardo Rubio Torres, deputy coordinator of the PAN caucus, continues to systematically exercise against him.

“His aggressions have gone beyond the Congress rostrum, he continues to intimidate me by all means. On December 21, for example, I gave a radio interview and he called right away to request his right of reply, which he has a constitutional right to. But rather than reply, he used the space to say that he is gathering all the evidence to proceed against me by all possible means, it is his right, because even a violent offender is innocent until proven otherwise and that is why I Rather than threaten, as he does, I have resorted to legal instances and I do not intend to continue immersing myself in discussions with him, “he said.

Avila Ventura noted that Rubio Torres has stated categorically that “my complaints are not going to proceed, evidence of his misogyny and self-centeredness, since it is not up to him to seek justice and that is why the complaints are before the competent authorities and authorities, which, I insist, they are autonomous, they do not work for MORENA, neither for the PAN nor for the Government.”

Likewise, the Coordinator of the majority group recalled that the women who make up the MORENA caucus have shown solidarity with the PAN deputy Luisa Gutiérrez Ureña in the accusations of sexual violence before the Prosecutor’s Office against the deputy Nazario Norberto, as well as with all the compañeras who have been violated in Congress.

“The PAN now says that all the complaints filed, weeks ago, are to divert attention from the complaint recently filed by deputy Gutiérrez Ureña, and that in MORENA we already take the issue of gender-based violence as a banner to attack them. Nothing more wrong, this is a fight and a historical debt with all women, it is not a matter of mode, “he concluded.