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Friday 01 of March 2024

Necaxa receives a fine and their stadium is closed for breaking health measures

The director of regulations of the municipality of Aguascalientes confirmed that the Victoria Stadium is closed and Necaxa has to pay the fine

On warning there is no deception. Necaxa has received bad news, as the director of regulations for the municipality of Aguascalientes, David Ángeles Castañeda, confirmed that the Victoria Stadium has been closed for not complying with the measures that had been determined to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to Ángeles Castañeda, they did not follow the rules and decided to open the grandstand of their stadium for the match against Monterrey, corresponding to Day 2, so that was the main reason for making that decision.

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“We have had 17 closures, of the 17 I can tell you that 10 have been for groceries and convenience stores, the Victoria Stadium, a casino and the other five are nightclubs, bars and canteens,” explained the public official.

The director of regulations added that the fact that Necaxa did not follow the rules was an act of rebellion, since it was notified in advance of the new measures to follow regarding the pandemic.

“We feel like a kind of rebellion the issue of the soccer game being made this Friday, because the decree was already there, they already knew that there should be no public shows, so obviously yes, on the subject of shows , they are all cancelled. The fine is going to be 120 thousand pesos”, he sentenced.