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The News
  • Transport Workers in Morelos Now Able to Train Online

  • The course is designed to improve training of public transport workers in Morelos

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17 of August 2017 10:46:26

Mobility and Transportation Secretariat (SMyT) and the Institute of Worker Training in the State of Morelos (Icatmor) have analyzed and implemented a course to provide training for public transport operators in the state.David Martínez Martínez, director of the SMyT, met with Oscar Alberto Rosas Reyes, general director of Icatmor to provide drivers and taxi drivers with an online training platform, containing the appropriate measures and standards so that drivers can be certificed for their profession.Martínez stressed the importance of giving different alternatives to the operators to comply with the training demands so that they can earn their certification as operators.In a statement, the government of Morelos stated that the courses address various issues that divided into two aspects: technical and human. In the first are issues related to the preventive maintenance of the unit, regulations and defensive drivingMeanwhile, the second aspect refers to issues related to self-esteem, personal presentation, emotional intelligence and customer service.

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