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Monday 27 of May 2024

Morelos Promoting Health Risk Awareness After Quake

Mosquitos transmit the Zika virus,photo: Wikipedia
Mosquitos transmit the Zika virus,photo: Wikipedia
Any instruments that contain water should be adequately covered to reduce the spread of viruses such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika

Morelos Secretariat of Health is promoting strategies for protection against health risks and epidemiological surveillance in the areas affected by the September 19 earthquake.

“We are reminding people to take preventive measures to take care of the health after the earthquake in #Morelos,” said the state government office on its account of Twitter @GobiernoMorelos.

These preventative measures are mainly to remind citizens to sanitize their food and water and shelters, and of the proper use of medical supplies.

They recommended that people wash their hands with clean water and soap before eating and cooking, and when going to the bathroom, use purified, boiled, or chlorinated water to wash with.

Fruits and vegetables should be washed before they are prepared and eaten and raw and cooked foods should be separated to avoid contamination. It is also important to keep food at correct temperatures and keep food away from pets.

The Secretariat reminded everybody of the importance of properly disposing of trash in a trash can with a lid, and if possible, to separate organic and inorganic waste, to use toilets with proper draining and, if applicable, a septic tank.

To avoid the increase of insect transmitted diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika; buckets, washbasins, water tanks, cisterns, vases and any container that used to store water should be properly covered.

If you have symptoms such as pain or fever, you should see a healthcare professional and avoid self-medication.