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Barrera Baca: UAEM Not an Accomplice of Abuse

UAEM rector Alfredo Barrera Baca highlighted the importance of workers to the university's future plans and overall purpose
By The News · 28 of September 2017 15:25:36
UAEM rector Alfredo Barrera Baca (C) at a ceremony for the university's workers union, UAEM rector Alfredo Barrera Baca (C) at a ceremony for the university's workers union, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) rector Alfredo Barrera Baca said the university would not be an accomplice in the abuse of worker’s rights. The remarks were made during a ceremony in honor of UAEM’s Workers and Employees Union (SUTESUAEM) at the school’s José Yurieta Valdés Hall.

SUTESUAEM’s Secretary General León Carmona Castillo, present a the ceremony, said “all three groups that make up UAEM — students, teachers and administrative staff — stand together, reinforcing a universal structure of unity and equality. We’re all part of this university in its search for knowledge, equity and justice.”

Commenting on the ceremony itself, he said: “This is about rewarding experience, hard work and loyalty. It’s about acknowledging the efforts of employees and awarding them the benefits and job security they deserve.”

Rector Barrera Baca emphasized the importance of the union to UAEM, saying the university’s latest Institutional Development Plan regards it as a central component in the materialization of actions and projects that benefit the school community and state citizens overall.

SUTESUAEM will celebrate it’s 40th anniversary in 2018. During the union’s existence, said Barrera Baca, UAEM has learned that good work relations “derive from mutual trust that safeguards institutional commitments.”