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Friday 01 of December 2023

DIF Opens Call for Program Girls and Boys Talent in Capital

DIF hopes to ease the financial burden for students,photo: Pixabay
DIF hopes to ease the financial burden for students,photo: Pixabay
The program aims to help disadvantaged minors with outstanding academic skills

The Mexico City Family Development Agency (DIF) has opened enrollment for the 2017-2018 Girls and Boys Talent Program.

It is aimed at disadvantaged minors with outstanding academic skills. Chosen students will receive a range of grants intended to meet their financial needs while continuing to study.

Students must undertake an hour of study a week in one of 15 disciplines in the program: music, art, theater, creative writing, folk and contemporary dance, computer science, history, science, English, swimming, soccer, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics.

According to the Official Gazette, the requirements for children to be considered are: to be between the age of six and 15 years, hold a minimum academic qualification average of nine, to live in Mexico City and to be registered in a public primary and/or secondary school in the city.

Between July 19 and 30, those interested can pre-register online at, depending on the first letter of the child’s paternal last name.

Children whose last name begins letters A to E can re-register from July 19 to 21, F to L July 22 to 24, M to Q July 25 to 27 and R to Z July 28 to 30.

For those new to the program, the process should be done in August. Last names beginning with A to E can register August 7 to 9, F to L August 10 to 12, M to Q August 13 to 15 and R to Z August 16 to 18.

Subsequently, the required documentation must be submitted to the DIF Center of your choice, and include the child’s birth certificate, proof of address and pre-registration form, as well as their report card.

To do this, minors who are to be re-registered in an activity and whose paternal last name begins with letters from A to L must register their documents between July 24 and 29 and for those beginning with M to Z, July 31 to August 5.

The father, mother or guardian of children who are new to DIF  must go to the center of their choice to deliver their documentation from August 14 to 19 for last names A to L and from August 21 to 26 for M to Z.

Once the documentation has been submitted, you must choose one of the available schedules and classes in order to complete the re-registration and registration process.