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Wednesday 17 of July 2024

Weekly Horoscopes

Full moon on Dec. 14,photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez
Full moon on Dec. 14,photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez
Tie up all your loose ends before the new year

This week Mars moves into Pisces. Even though you’ve been building up momentum for the past few weeks, these next few weeks will bring reflection, pauses and a sharing of emotions.


Creative energies are swirling around your head this week. You have images of films you’ve seen recently in the Cineteca and the prints you walk by every day in El Centro. Find a way to channel it all into a project and maybe invite some of your friends to participate.


Your work has paid off and now you feel that you’ve been spending a lot of time either overwhelmed by all your work or lonely. Spend the next few weeks trying to bring new people onto your team who can alleviate the pressure, but also lighten your mood.


Unlike other signs, Geminis will find more work and opportunities as things wind down. You’re always receptive to new ideas and are quick to turn them into plans. However, this week, when you’re hanging out getting pulque, you might make a connection that could take you in a different direction for the new year.


You probably won’t be here for the holidays. Either you’ll be visiting loved ones in some distant corner of the world or your imagination will be doing the work for you, fantasizing about that trip to Guanajuato you’ve been wanting to take with your friends while you’re at boring holiday dinners.


Love is in the air. And while you often find that your strong personality makes it difficult to find someone who will sufficiently attend to your ego, this week you may find a complimentary personality. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm them by expecting them to spend New Year’s Eve with you and make your own plans to hang out in Zona Rosa.


You’re also getting some fire in your life over the next few weeks. While you might feel that you usually come off as private and cold, this week you should be careful not to come on too strong. You are enamored by your partner’s love of Italian futurism, but you might want to hold back on how excited you are or you’ll send them back to their Juárez apartment without any future plans.


Your natural charisma and magnetic tendencies are bringing everyone to your circle this week. That trip you planned to MUAC is overcrowded with your friends. Don’t panic, there will be other weekends to see everyone and you should focus on your own mental health and comfort.


It’ll be hard to put the brakes on the need to move this week. You’ll be going everywhere from your favorite cafes in la Roma, to markets in Coyoácan, to tortas in El Centro. Make sure you make time for everyone in your circle and then take the holiday to relax.


This holiday season you’ll be focused on your home and nesting. Whether you’ve been in Mexico City your entire life, or this is your first month, you’ll be spending the next few weeks getting everything in order and making the space easier to live in. Your motivational energy will be focused inward over the next few weeks and this means tackling those DIY projects you’ve been avoiding.


Your socializing skills will finally be put to use this week. At holiday parties and year-end meetings you’ll be running into old friends and making new connections. The new year will turn those relationships into projects and trips.


There is way too much going on in your life. You’re still recovering from the hangover you got last weekend in Cuauhtémoc. Try to take this week to slow down and relax. That way you can fully enjoy the grapes and champagne on New Year’s Eve.


Don’t forget about yourself! You’ve been spending so much time on your friends’ issues, you haven’t made time to center yourself. Make your flan, get a massage, go for a long walk. Do anything that prioritizes your mental health and physical well-being before the new year takes you by storm.