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Sunday 21 of July 2024

Pope Francis asks parents with homosexual children to support them

"Parents who see different sexual orientations in their children should not hide it; they should support them", assured the Supreme Pontiff.

Pope Francis has given this Wednesday an important -although not new- headline for society in general and for the LGTBI community and Christianity in particular. During the general audience held in the Paul VI hall of the Vatican, the Supreme Pontiff has asked the parents of children “with a different sexual orientation” not to “condemn them” for this reason.

“I think a lot about parents in the face of their children’s problems”, the Pope said, before asking parents “to accompany their children and not hide behind condemning behaviour”.

In any case, Francisco has not limited himself to talking about the sexuality of minors and the hypothetical problems that this may cause within families, he has also made reference to those parents who lose their children due to illness or accidents. traffic or have behavioral problems, such as skipping school.

“Do not be afraid”

“So many parent problems, we thought how to help them. To them I say: do not be afraid. There is so much pain, but think about the Lord and how Joseph solved the problems. Never condemn a child”, he added, according to the statements collected by the Efe Agency.

To talk about this type of situation, he recalled when in Buenos Aires he saw the queues in front of the prisons and “there were the mothers, those mothers who, faced with the problem of a son who has made a mistake, put their face on, they did not hide and They always accompanied him. What value”, he added.

Francisco has always condemned the rejection in families of gay children and on his return from a trip to Ireland in August 2018, when journalists asked him on the plane what he would say to the parents of a homosexual son, Francisco replied: “Ignore to the son or daughter with homosexual tendencies would be a lack of maternity and paternity. You are my son or my daughter as you are”.