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Thursday 25 of July 2024

Arms companies finance video games: Ebrard

SRE assured that arms companies in the US "are also financing video games to encourage the expansion of consumption of weapons with young people"

Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE), assured that arms companies in the United States “are also financing video games to promote the expansion of weapons consumption among young people.”

In the Treasury room of the National Palace, he said that these companies, by linking weapons with video games, is “to remove the human dimension, which means attacking a person with a weapon and turning it into a kind of competition with weapons specially designed for it”-.

He recalled that the Mexican government filed a lawsuit against 11 arms companies in the Massachusetts Court on August 4 for their manufacturing, distribution, advertising and sale practices that attract criminal groups and allow their weapons to be trafficked into our country.

He stressed that it is the first time that a court in that country admits a lawsuit of this type from a foreign government.

“The argument of the companies is that I sell a weapon and it is not my responsibility what you do with the weapon, what they do not say and what we do say in our lawsuit is that they are generating weapons that are linked to drug trafficking and violence in Mexico due to type of weapons, they imitate even the ivory color,” he said.

The foreign minister asserted that he is seeking to hold US arms companies accountable for negligence.