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Wednesday 24 of July 2024

Red Bull reveals the name of Checo Pérez's new car for the 2022 season

The Austrian team announced that the name of the car with which the Mexican and his co-driver Max Verstappen will compete in the next Formula 1 season

Since the start of this 2022, the countdown began for lovers of motor sports, who only count the days to be able to see their favorite driver again on the tracks, especially for Mexicans who will have the opportunity to see again the Tapatio Sergio “Checo” Pérez with the Red Bull team.

It will be a very important season, as the Austrian team will have to endorse the title they won at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the hands of Dutch midfielder Max Verstappen, who was crowned last season after seven years, in a close battle in the tracks before the British, Lewis Hamilton aboard a single-seater called RB16B.

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Said single-seater was an almost exact replica of the car that they used throughout the 2020 season, they only added the “B” at the end; However, by 2022 the name will take a significant numerical leap, which could mean a significant evolution of the Red Bull vehicle.

The Austrian team announced that the car with which Checo Pérez and Max Verstappen will compete next season will be named RB18, so they will restore the historic numbering with which they have competed since 2005, when they entered the Formula 1 World Championship. Through their social networks, Red Bull announced the new name of their car, although they did not give more details.

One of the issues that fans most expect with this new season, are the modifications to the single-seaters. It should be noted that with the arrival of Liberty Media as a new company that owns the highest category of motorsports, the budget of the teams was changed as well as the design of the car.

Well, with the main objective of making chases and overtaking more exciting as in the past, it is for this reason that the return of the “ground effect” was prioritized, which will cause a smaller amount of dirty air that was generated in the middle of the car. pursued and the one of the pursuer, so we can see very exciting battles this 2022.