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Friday 29, May 2020
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The Penance of Travel

For Mexicans, this visit was an opportunity to put our spirituality affairs in order and to tell the man who represents God on Earth our needs
By The News · 22 of February 2016 09:32:24
EPN_Despedida_Papa-6, FOTO: PRESIDENCIA /CUARTOSCURO.COM, No available

Pope Francis came and went. And now it’s time to do the math, not just to calculate the costs and determine who paid for what, but for the factors that allowed us to know why he came, who he came with and what he was doing.

For Mexicans, this visit was an opportunity to put our spirituality affairs in order and to tell the man who represents God on Earth our needs.

He did what a president does when visiting another country. He observed those in power, being careful not to make them uncomfortable, to finish playing the real-life game of chess that is developing in Mexico.

Jesuits learned from Pope Karol Wojtyla that success is a role that can be measured by triumph. What ends with the “Iron Curtain” allowed Wojtyla and his friends from Opus Dei’s Catholic Church to change its principles to align with those of Ronald Reagan and those in power at the time.

Now Catholicism is less popular in Latin America, while Christians have more confidence because their representatives spend less time seated at the table of power.

Francis also came to Mexico to continue playing the role of intermediary between Latin America and the United States. He stopped in Cuba and strengthened half of the success of his trip, as he began a dialogue — like the one he began with the Castro’s and Obama — with the Russian Orthodox Church, which represents the first support for Vladimir Putin.

Pope Francis is knows that there aren’t just 43 people missing, but 27,000 disappearances which insult our morals and threaten the freedom of many who feel untouchable in their places of power.

However, he also wanted to show us that now is not the moment to interrupt the main party with our issues, because we are still far from knowing what will happen after this political situation.

Meanwhile the pope and his divine touch served as evidence, seen in the photos of smiling Enrique Peña Nieto and Miguel Ángel Mancera, that a mutual political project that goes beyond politeness doesn’t exist.

You should ask the mayor where they put it during the Pope’s welcome at the presidential hangar.

What is important to know is that if the Constitution of Mexico City is made only by the left-wing or if the government and the party that represents it understands that Mancera will not be the second Arturo Núñez, will not play the role of “Morena breaker” and will not turn into López Obrador’s enemy.