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Sunday 21 of July 2024

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Mexico City Mayor Names Editors of the Local Constitution Project

In the convoluted summons sent out by the National Electoral Institute (INE), the Mexico City mayor named the editors of the Constitution Project, which will be presented at the Mexico City State Constituent Assembly (whatever that means). This deliberative body isn’t required to assume the project. It can take on part of it or reject it all together. An intermediate position seems to be advisable, because the vision of the city’s government is important and not any less important than the vision of the different social actors of this enormous human conglomerate. That’s how it happened in 1917, when “Primer Jefe” Venustiano Carranza also presented a proposal, which was almost completely modified by the edits of different fundamental articles presented by Palavicini, Múgica, Romero Flores, Heriberto Jara, Baca Calderón, Cándido Aguilar and Ramos Praslow, to name a few.

One should recognize the balance of the mayor’s proposal. The list seems to have been created carefully, beyond favoritism and personal interest. The teacher Ifigenia Martínez is a good example, beyond any personal ambition. Alejandro Encinas, Pedro Salazar, Ana María Magaloni, Miguel Concha y Malo, Carlos Cruz Santiago and Loreta Ortiz Ahlf are untarnished names. Juan Villoro deserves a special reference, appreciated by his readers and Gustavo Ramos Sánchez, a Paralympic athlete. His participation will provide the vision of those who live in the city with a different perspective.

I suppose they could work immediately. There’s not a lot of time. Additionally, an ample debate with intense discussions and serious confrontations is desirable, so that when we get over the hustle and bustle of the elections, we will already have extensive knowledge of the final project between many sectors of the capital population. I hope!

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