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Sunday 26 of May 2024

The Anaya Plan

Ricardo Anaya will be the first to stab Margarita Zavala in the back

Every day that passes, every time that someone reveals their wish to be governor and every time the parties adjust their accounts and designate a candidate, we get closer to the moment in which in the Mexican political scene places different faces in important situations, like the June elections for 12 governors.

If the governor elections are an important qualitative step, now finding ourselves at the beginning of the process which will define the face of the new president, they become a relevant event for the political system of the country.

In this sense, National Action Party (PAN) president Ricardo Anaya has gotten himself involved in the process with a step similar the ones we are already used to. It is one like Gustavo Madero, for example, could explain as having a student who takes your place in just a few months.

In addition, the alliances between PAN and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) will leave them as victims. Because, when the electoral process for the governors ends, Anaya will do the math about how many PRD members he was able to fool into taking part in his game.

Something that will be proven is that, at the end of the day, the only truth about Anaya is his importance in the media. He presents a new alternative for PAN members — without knowing why, how or when — to take power.

He is also talking about his particular plan for war headquarters. Depending on his results in the June elections and according to what surveys say, he will be the first to stab Margarita Zavala in the back, because when faced with all this, the question emerges, why not me?

Regarding the other political parties, — leaving aside the party that is guaranteed to be in the government, known as the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) — I prefer to focus on identifying how, when and in what way the alliances will be formed, with the goal of knowing what scenario we will be presented with.

Because with how things are going, the PRD is a party which every day blurs the national scene more and more, each time making it less important. In this situation, in which the PRD members react slowly, there will only be means for the PAN to rise up and advance.

Of course, we understand that PAN always only represents what is convenient to their president, that is to say Ricardo Anaya.