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The News
  • Deputies Debating PRI's Opposition to Cervantes

  • Leaders for the PAN, PRI and PRD said they will vote in favor as long as Cervantes Andrade can still be nominated for Prosecutor General

Senate Leaders for the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and the National Action Party (PAN) during a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico on September 7, 2017, photo: Cuartoscuro/Mario Jasso

12 of September 2017 15:41:42

The Chamber of Deputies is currently debating an initiative by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) against the direct appointment of Attorney General Raúl Cervantes Andrade as Prosecutor General.Leader of The National Action Party (PAN) Marko Cortés Mendoza, the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) Francisco Martínez Neri and the Citizens' Movement Clemente Castañeda have all said that they will vote in favor of the PRI's initiative, but that they will leave a door open for Cervantes Andrade's nomination for the position."There might be foul play here. Let's not forget that the current initiative proposed by the PRI is the same as the president's proposal," said Martínez Neri.

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