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Monday 15 of April 2024

Believing in the Country

Aurelio Nuño,photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel
Aurelio Nuño,photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel
Every country needs a hero

Every country in the world needs heroes. We Mexicans, after the Revolution of 1910, have also had our own heroes. Despite the fact that history shows that we have the bad habit of assassinating them, we have always needed them.

In this context, today I want to talk about the legacy left by José Vasconcelos and the heroes of education.

Because the crusade imposed by our young Secretary of Public Education Aurelio Nuño, complying with the law, reconciles me with the government and with the country.

I have always wished that enforcing laws was done with the same enthusiasm as announcing or approving them, despite that we still believe that laws will never be fulfilled.

What the secretary is doing now with teachers was necessary, because while all countries have their mafias, their bad guys and their unreliable, at the end of the day, the federal government should always be stronger than any other power or criminal group.

However, many years ago we lost the sovereignty battle against society. We transferred the guilty feelings and the social responsibility of the Mexican Revolution so that we could have a way to mentor and buy union leaders, with the end goal of continuing to open up the country to economy and modernization.

This produced a change in the roles of power, turning the Federal Power into the unions’ hostage. Thus, for the authorities to recuperate their corresponding places, is something that we need to recognize.

Without a doubt, politics is the art of what is possible. In this sense, given the way things are and given the insecurity situation that we are living in, it would be interesting to propose creating a police force of teachers who travel together as members of the Army and the Federal Police, to the states in which the teachers who do not fulfill the law are being fired.

It is good news that a secretary that believes in the country exists. And at the same time, it is the federal government’s obligation that professors are in a dignified place, so that children can learn dignified things.

Thus, to achieve this objective the first step is making sure that the laws are being carried out, and the second is extending the law so that we can cover the consequences of what we are doing to defend the country.