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Tuesday 11, August 2020
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Wild Plants Play Important Role in Rural Communities in Mexico

Researchers from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico presented research on the topic
By The News · 02 of August 2016 11:15:44
Agave, a common wild plant with many varieties in Mexico, No available, photo: Wikipedia

Many wild plants in Mexico have significant nutritional and cultural value, however their consumption is decreasing because they are replaced by other foods that are easier to obtain and prepare. Researchers from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) presented research on the topic, saying that one consequence is the loss of traditional knowledge relating to natural resources and the resulting loss of cultural pride and identity.

Martín Rubí Arriaga and Cristina Chávez Mejía, researchers at the Agricultural Science Department and the Agriculture and Livestock Institute at UAEM, said that even though Mexico has a rich variety of plants, there is little information about the collection and commercialization of different wild fruits.

They said that more information on the ways plants are collected and commercialized could help develop new conservation activities and sustainable use of natural resources.

The researchers said that wild plants are important in the life of rural farming communities in developing countries, through different uses. Plants have alimentary, medicinal, ornamental and ritual uses and can also be used for fencing and wood products.

Arriaga and Chávez Mejía said that today there is increasing interest in sustaining these traditional uses of plants. Their research work provides information that is useful for rural development.