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Friday 24 of May 2024

Breast cancer at early ages

UAEM Cancer
UAEM Cancer

Breast cancer, considered the first cause of death among women, can occur at an early age and not only after 40 years, as indicated by the first studies on the disease, warned the researcher at the Valle de Chalco University Center. Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, María Teresa Cuamatzi Peña.

He added that from 25 years of age women are susceptible to suffer from this disease, so they should be performed, after their menstrual period, a monthly self-examination, and in case of detecting any abnormality or abscess, however small it may seem, go to the doctor.

The genetic, he stressed, is one of the main factors of incidence, that is, if a woman has direct relatives, such as mother, grandmother or great grandmother, who have had cancer, the possibility of suffering is greater.

The researcher said that the amount of hormones that women have during their twenties is a factor that encourages the development of breast cancer, coupled with factors such as genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, lack of consumption of green vegetables or healthy eating.

María Teresa Cuamatzi Peña said that although the incidence of breast cancer in men is low, there are cases and mainly, men who have a genetic predisposition, because they have a mother, grandmother or great grandmother with this disease, should be alert to abnormal growth of her breasts or the presence of some abscess.