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  • UAEM’s Urban Planning Students Did Fieldwork in Guanajuato

  • The fieldwork was done in Salamanca, Irapuato and León, encompassing the state’s historical center and its industrial corridor

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

29 of June 2017 14:53:44

TOLUCA – Students from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico’s (UAEM) Spatial Planning Program traveled to three cities in the state of Guanajuato to undertake fieldwork that will help them put into practice the theory they’ve learned.This sort of work lets students from UAEM’s Urban and Regional Planning Department take a closer look at a population’s dynamics and evolution. Most importantly, it also helps them identify what characterizes the urbanization process and the problems it brings.The fieldwork took place in the cities of Salamanca, Irapuato and León, encompassing the state's historical center and its industrial corridor. Students learned about the importance of terrain when assessing environmental problems that affect urban areas and green spaces and did a cartographical analysis on the three cities visited.During their stay, students met with members of Guanajuato’s Institute of Statistical and Geographical Planning (Iplaneg). They learned about the instruments used in urban planning and how they’re applied on the public, private and social sectors.

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