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UAEM Valle de Chalco Students Visit Senate

Law students and teacher take educational field trip
By The News · 06 of April 2016 11:57:32
Senate Building, CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 10MARZO2016.- Cielos despejados en algunas zonas de la ciudad por los fuertes vientos aunque con un clima variante, que va del sol a la lluvia, todo esto debido a la entrada del frente frío no. 44. En la imagen, la bandera en el asta del Senado de la República.FOTO: ADOLFO VLADIMIR /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Adolfo Vladimir

VALLE DE CHALCO, State of Mexico – Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) students and teachers of law at the Valle de Chalco campus visited the Senate.

During their visit, university students were accompanied by Mexican Senator Ana Lilia Herrera Anzaldo, who listened to their opinions and concerns about the country’s economic, political, cultural, social, labor and educational situation. They also shared their questions and thoughts about their futures as higher-education students, with respect to the difficulties and opportunities that they will face in their professional development.

UAEM Senate visit. Photo Courtesy of UAEM

UAEM Senate visit. Photo Courtesy of UAEM

As part of the visit, UAEM students learned about the history of the Xicoténcatl House, the former location of Senate meetings. The also attended some of the sessions in which the Chamber of Senators were present. They were told about the importance of participating in these types of activities, which bridge the gap between theory and practice and enrich students’ academic knowledge beyond the classroom.

Students expressed their interest in seeing the Valle de Chalco campus grow to senator Herrera Anzaldo. They also told her their concerns about the security problem in the east of the State of Mexico and the need for more efficient and safe public transportation in the area.

The senator announced a donation of library material to the campus.

The students thanked their teachers for providing them with academic activities like this one.