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Saturday 25 of May 2024

UAEM Students Win Fourth place in the Mexican Robotics Tournament

The Mexican Robotics Competition
The Mexican Robotics Competition
The Mexican Robotics Tournaments saw the UAEM student's Beach Cleaning Robot defeat over 20 temas to reach the finals

With the design of ISI Robotics César Octavio Medina Vargas, Layonet Salvador Buenrostro Pérez and Erick Morales Ledesma, students of the Nezahualcóyotl Profesional Academic Unit of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), were among the finalists in the category Beach Cleaning Robot of the eight edition of the Mexican Robotics Tournament.

During this academic contest, organized by the Mexican Robotics Federation, in which 11,111 students participated from public and private middle and higher education institutions from all over the country, the students from the Intelligent Systems Engineering program (ISI) of the UAEM obtained fourth place, after defeating over 20 teams that competed in their category. ISI Robotics has 48 centimeter of width, is 50 centimeters long and and 38 centimeters high. It is capable, through a completely autonomous software designed by the students, to pick up cans and confine them in a trash deposit, while it avoids obstacles such as water and diverse beach objects.

The students from the UAEM, who have also reached the first places in other robotics competitions, stood out due to the mechanical and electric parts of ISI Robotics being elaborated with recyclable material, hardware ironwork and pieces of wood, as well as discarded toy car pieces.

Likewise, they explained that the software was installed in a portable computer which was put on top of the robot, equipped with ultrasonic and vision sensors to identify the objects to collect and the obstacle to avoid.

The jury of the Mexican Robotics Tournament 2016, composed of academics and specialists members of higher education institutions, qualified this category with criteria such as not exceeding speed limits in established areas, avoiding obstacles and depositing the greatest quantity of trash in dumpsters within 10 minutes.