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UAEM Students Present Solutions for Farming Problems

During a meeting at Ranch "El Salitre," the university presented solutions for problems that farmers face
By The News · 12 of June 2017 09:38:23
Food producers and farmers from the south of the State of Mexico watch students present their solutions to farming problems, No available, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

For the fourth year in a row, students of the Agricultural Science Degree at the Central University of Temascaltepec of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) participated in the “Sharing Experiences” students and farmers meeting.

The annual event is a means through which students in the State of Mexico can offer help through innovation to try and solve environmental problems for food producers in the municipalities of Amatepec, Luvianos, San Simón de Guerrero, Tejupilco and Temascaltepec.

In an interview, the coordinator of the event, María Merced Gómez Avilés, said that students presented their solutions at the “El Salitre” ranch, in front of 20 farmers and food producers of the area.

During the meeting there were presentations on “Organic Alternatives for Production” and “Mitigation Technologies,” which presented containers made with bamboo stems to sow organic strawberries. These bamboo containers are an alternative way to grow strawberries, ideal for use in cities, as it allows strawberries to be grown vertically, saving space.

Gómez Avilés said that there were also presentations on hydroponics, the reuse of Tetra Pak or PET, the use of sawdust for cultivation and the use of animal waste and organic fertilizers.