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Friday 12 of April 2024

UAEM students Evaluate Geomorphological Structures

UAEM students have carried out an important research that could help protect populations from disaster

Students of the Faculty of Geography of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) undertook an evaluation of geomorphological structures in Chacala, Jalisco, caused by geomorphological-geological processes that can affect the population living in this municipality, as well as important coastal areas.

Erandi Jesús Benito Vargas, Marco Antonio Cruz Peralta and Abel Abraham Pérez Carmona commented that the objective is to determine the extent of possible urban expansions, as well as the implementation of infrastructure projects with economic aims.

The authors of the work “Study and geomorphological analysis of the topographic map f13c78 of the municipality Chacala, Jalisco” pointed out that the plan is to make cartography (in a non automated way) that shows the points of high geomorphological impact and with it establish the feasibility of projects in order to mitigate disasters on time.

The authors presented their investigation among students studying geography in various academic institutions of the country. The assured that due to geomorphological processes present in this region of Jalisco structures and shapes (geoshapes) that have and impact on the population are altered, which puts the population at risk.

Due to this, the UAEM students stated that it was important to carry out adequate cartography to make known the point with highest impact and take risk mitigation and security measures in favor of the population exposed to geomorphological processes.