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Friday 24 of May 2024

UAEM requires resources to consolidate its development

UAEM Requiere
UAEM Requiere

The challenge faced by the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico to consolidate its educational development, sustain its growth and attend to its community on a daily basis, implies increasing resources, said the rector Alfredo Barrera Baca, when signing a general agreement of collaboration with the executive director of Santander Universities, Arturo Cherbowski Lask.

As part of the signing of this instrument, a specific agreement was also signed, through which the banking institution donates 28 million pesos for the construction of the Wind Building of the School of Performing Arts, for the benefit of 230 students of Bachelor’s degrees in Music, Film Studies and Dance, said Barrera Baca, who acknowledged the importance of private initiative participating in the strengthening of education.

In the “Dr. Gustavo Baz Prada “, accompanied by the Secretary of Administration, Javier González Martínez, the rector said that, from 1995, when it began the deconcentration of its educational offer, the Autonomous Mexican expanded its coverage and incorporated annually, up to two thousand new students.

After referring that, in the national and international context, which reports economic growth, responsible spending represents an asset for higher education institutions, Alfredo Barrera Baca thanked Santander, which generously endorses its commitment to the UAEM and through this legal instrument enables actions aimed at educational development.

Meanwhile, the general director of Universia Mexico, Arturo Cherbowski, emphasized that, with unrestricted respect for the autonomy of this house of studies, as well as its public vocation, common goals are built for projects such as support for the arts, which places the UAEM as a world-class university.

Before the student, Aline Uribe Sánchez, and the professor of the School of Performing Arts, Sergio Ruiz Trejo, Cherbowski Lask explained that, on a global level, the budgets allocated to public higher education decrease, so finding additional resources is essential for continue with your social vocation.

When reading the reasons for signing the agreement, the Secretary of Administration of the UAEM, Javier González Martínez, explained that the relationship of collaboration between the two institutions dates back 12 years, benefiting about 600 students who were granted scholarships to perform mobility.

Likewise, he said, the sign of this legal instrument would allow that in addition to using the technology of the financial institution to strengthen the security inside the university campuses, the technology is destined to support more efficient mechanisms and reduce time in registration procedures .