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Thursday 13, August 2020
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UAEM Presents Drug Patent for the Treatment of Ovine Intestinal Parasites

Mohamed Salem said that with weeping willow and leucaena leucocephala leaf extracts, he was able to create his anti-parasite medicine
By The News · 10 of June 2016 09:30:42
Sheep, No available, photo: Pixabay

Abdel-Fattah Zeidan Mohamed Salem, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) Veterinarian Medicine and Zootechnics Department professor and researcher, presented a patent at the Industrial Property Mexican Institute (IMPI). The patent is for a drug that will prevent, treat and cure intestinal parasite diseases in ovine livestock, as well as the method to obtain plant extracts to make the medicine.

Photo: Courtesy of UAEM

Photo: Courtesy of UAEM

In an interview, Mohamed Salem said that with weeping willow and leucaena leucocephala leaf extracts, he was able to create his anti-parasite medicine.

“When confronted with the wide variety of high-cost commercial products for livestock, like sheep, goats and cows, I thought about creating an effective and cheap natural product, which could be bought by farmers,” he said.

Mohamed Salem first started working at UAEM in 2008 at the Temascaltepec campus. Later he transferred to the Veterinarian Medicine and Zootechnics Department, where he started analyzing the impact of the two highly toxic plant species.

Because of this, the dose had to be carefully adjusted in order to be given to the sheep, with the aim of eliminating the parasite infection and also promoting weight gain and milk production, he said.