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The News
  • UAEM Offers Specialty in Gender, Violence and Public Policies

  • This specialty is aimed towards professionals with a degree in Social Sciences and Humanities

Leader of UAEM program for Gender, Violence and Public Policies Araceli Pérez Damián, photo: UAEM via The News

28 of September 2017 15:42:55

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) wants to create specialists who will design, implement and evaluate public policies with a focus on gender and violence.Araceli Pérez Damián, the leader of this study plan said that one of the characteristics of this program is the recognition of current problems so that graduates "transform reality and create purposeful relations while putting forwards public policies and actions."This specialty looks to "integrate actions with a gender perspective into Public and private institutions," said Pérez Damián.Pérez Damián said that many of the graduates have put their knowledge to use by taking part in the Gender Alert in the state as well as the Women Estate Council and the Institution for  Gender Equality of UAEM where they teach academic courses.This specialty is aimed towards professionals with a degree in Social Sciences and Humanities, without dismissing other degrees, however, individuals interested in being admitted should have knowledge of gender and equality as well as be open to the debate of various stances on gender problems.If you are interested in this specialty, you can go to the Political and Social Sciences Faculty in the UAEM campus or call  2-15-04 94 and 2-13-16-07, extensions 203 and 178.

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