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The News
  • UAEM Offers Master's in Supply Chain Engineering

  • More study options to be offered at Mexican University

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31 of March 2016 12:52:19

With the objective of attending to the demand of productive sectors and metropolitan organizations in the Valleys of Toluca and Mexico and to create highly qualified professionals, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico's (UAEM) Engineering Department will offer a master’s degree in supply chain engineering.The program focuses on solving problems through the use of quantitive elements and computational tools, a demand which has not been adequately met by educational institutions in the region.The university expects to have teachers highly qualified in engineering in order to analyze and propose better solutions to specific problems related to the management, planning, design, administration, operation and evaluation of supply chain engineering.The Engineering Department, along with highly qualified staff, will provide students with the knowledge necessary to carry out productive decision making, supporting developed theories and methodologies.The program will teach students to analyze problems, making use of tools designed for applying supply chain engineering. This will help give students fundamental knowledge in understanding the program, which will eventually allow students to develop their command of theory, methodology and axiology in this field.The units that the program will focus on are: Supply Chain Engineering Administration, Quantitative Methods in Supply Chain Engineering and Supply Chain Engineering Design and Integration.

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