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  • UAEM Offers Degree in Forestry

  • The degree reflects the growing recognition of the need for greenery within dense uraban areas

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14 of December 2016 12:33:42

Faced with the need for responsible professionals who maintain and create green areas, the Autonomous University of the State of México (UAEM) offers, through its Agricultural Sciences Department, a degree in Forestry. Graduates of this degree will have necessary knowledge to improve pruning, removal and transplantation of trees in urban settings, as well as diagnosing and combating the pests that affect them.[caption id="attachment_43661" align="alignright" width="200"]UAEM graduate, Francisco Javier García Monroy. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM UAEM graduate, Francisco Javier García Monroy. Photo: Courtesy of UAEM[/caption]Francisco Javier García Monroy, a graduate of this academic program, emphasized the importance of knowing and respecting the technical requirements for tree pruning, which ensure that trees aren’t damaged. Understanding pruning techniques also ensures that resources are used efficiently.He also said that many have linked the benefits of trees in urban settings to a reduction in crime levels. This is likely because of the emotional contentment that trees can offer.In countries such as the United States, the value of a property can increase from 3 to 4.5 percent if the area is green. Even in shopping malls, more money is spent when there are trees.García Monroy emphasized that for a large part of the population the only contact people have with nature is through parks and gardens that exist within urban areas.

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